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    Tuesday & Wednesday, October 30 & 31, 2018
Entrance Fee :  1set 60min
Male : P600    Female : P300
DOUHAN :    P1000 ( until 8:30pm )

Show time is not counted in "60min".
No 10% discount apply.

◆ Reservation of the group ◆
Respond the person in charge who can do Japanese.
We are entirely at your service.
TEL 032-416-3407

La Bonita Cebu would like to sincerely apologize in behalf of our Public Relation/Marketing Team for an affronting advertisement that has been posted on our facebook page last August 22,2017 at 6:30PM.
La Bonita Cebu, also would like to assure the public and to those practicing the Nursing Profession that all measures are being taken seriously to remove the advertisement immediately.
Regrettably, in this incident, the advertisement posted was not carefully reviewed by the management and we sincerely apologize for the error. We have addressed the issue properly and already talked to the incharge persons from PHILIPPINE NURSES ASSOCIATION which came last Monday, September 04,2017 and we have improved our approval team process to ensure that this does not ever happen again.
La Bonita Cebu has the highest respect towards all Nurses and we do not intend to disrespect anyone in this noble profession. Once again, La Bonita Cebu would like to apologize for the oversight and would like to express our deepest regret for the advertisement posted that may have led to a discrimination to our fellow compassionate nurses.

- Management

karaoke bar karaoke bar karaoke bar karaoke bar karaoke bar

Our show time can't stop laughing. Win the highest praise from our guests. Entertainment show is being performed on every day. Don't miss it. It's fantastic. And a lot of Gokujyo beautiful casts are enrolled at our bar. Our casts are happy to welcome you.
Gokujyo beautiful: A woman like a beautiful flower having an air of mystery.

◆1set 75 minutes
We are a most good service at Cebu island. We extended 1set of time that guests can enjoy without being worried about the time. Enjoy liquor and a karaoke, of course you can enjoy the conversation with beautiful casts. The karaoke bar to new taste which can be happy than anywhere is only here at Cebu.

◆Enjoy Happy Hour
The new service discounts an entrance fee to male 400 pesos, female 200 pesos to guests who came to our bar for from 1:00 to 3:00 am. We extended service to use our guests more easily accessible. Exciting, interesting, dancing and drinking is the never ending Cebu nightlife.

◆No.1 Hospitality in Cebu, Philippines
The new bar adopted the design which was elaborated. The visual dramatization effects that water and music have been harmonized makes us feel calm. We will change our house into a comfortable space for guests. We are trying to provide services that every guests will be satisfied with. Please do look forward to that.

Not only to serve karaoke but also to serve "the spirit of good service," we do our utmost to extend our best hospitality ("omotenashi" in Japanese). It will be to create an ambiance of tranquility and relaxation where guests will experience unforgettable moments at ease. Our karaoke bar ranks No.1 in Cebu. Our casts are happy to welcome you.

"Omotenashi" is a traditional Japanese way of hospitality with the most dedicated and exquisite manners.